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    Stage design - Programming


    Event production - Event scenography


    Bob Roijen - Woti - Klank vzw

    In 2016 a new circulation plan was announced in the city, an ambition to upgrade urban spaces and connect local residents. ONKRUID was invited to transform the Hogeschoolplein, one of the central squares in the city. As part of the summer program we redeveloped it both spatially and culturally.

    Onkruid mainly wanted to remove the present obstacles to create a simple, yet uniform lawn with a free standing statue and trees rising from the green up. Becoming a green hang-out replacing the fragmented walk-by square.

    The design took the statue as a starting point, with an ambition to connect it with its green lawn and users. We built a floor covering the residual green next to the statue, a floor on the same scale as the statue itself, connecting both statue and lawn as a whole. The floor and main structure served as a seating area, a covered space for DJs to perform, a stage for bands, a place to dance, storage or as a viewpoint to observe the square and its users. 70 white jumping balls were installed as mobile seating elements. A playful addition transforming the floor to a table as well.

    The structure was built with scaffolding. Oak parquet glued on a net served as an inviting floor, a durable and inexpensive material. Light scenography was created in partnership with Bob Roijen from Amsterdam adding a playful yet alienating feel to the temporary space. The temporary spaces was built for 10 weeks and housed a broad cultural program. From outdoor film screenings to participatory jam sessions and daytime club nights.

    Among the guests were celebrated international DJs such as Max Graef, Ge-Ology, Sassy J, Lefto, Simbad and local talents Tangram Records, Bjeor, Exalt and others. For one summer the square transformed into a cultural hotspot, a get-together placing club & youth culture at the forefront.