• HORST Arts & Music 2014


    Brand design - Strategy - Programming - Communication


    Art production - Event production - Event Scenography


    Gijs Van Vaerenbergh - Lukas Turcksin - Uncompressed

    HORST is an arts festival combining electronic music and in-situ visual arts. The first year was also the starting point of Onkruid's collaboration with curating duo Gijs Van Vaerenbergh (Pieterjan Gijs en Arnout Van Vaerenbergh). In 2014 a selection of young & locals artists and designers was invited to create art that makes use of the context, namely that of the historic and rural character of the castle, but also that of the two day music festival.

    Invited visual artists were Jozef Wouters, Wim Goossens & Arnaud Hendrickx, Kurt D'Haeseleer, Jason van der Woude, tBEDRIJF & Ashes57. Among the music line-up were Joy Orbison, Boddika, Floating Points, Dark Sky live, Flako, Eliphino, Lefto, Cid Rim, STUFF., Leon Vynehall, Stray, Maverick & Poldoore.