• HORST Arts & Music 2018


    Concept - Brand design - Strategy - Programming - Communication


    Art production - Event production - Event Scenography


    Gijs Van Vaerenbergh - Lukas Turcksin - Ronny & Johny & many others

    HORST is a celebration of art and music in a setting like no other, a refreshing view on what a festival can be. In 2018 we headed to the fifth & final chapter of what has been at the Horst Castle.

    The final year was a synthesis of where HORST has grown to in the past years. A place where contemporary art dialogues with its historic setting, its green surroundings and the music festival. A yearly exhibition with new in-situ artwork at the intersection of architecture and visual art. A festival driven by experiment, but built with insights of respected architects & designers, combined with a well-selected electronic music program from across the spectrum.

    For the final edition, curatorial duo Gijs Van Vaerenbergh brought together a strong and diverse group of artists and architects. Under the theme “Archetypes” they were invited to create new work reflecting on the historic context of the site.

    International participants were Tokyo-based Atelier Bow Wow, Paris-based American textile artist Sheila Hicks, visual artist Katja Mater and De School artists in residence duo Children Of The Light. Belgian artists include interdisciplinary art collective 019, sculptor Caroline Coolen, the ongoing collaboration of photographer Pieter Huybrechts & scenographer Erki De Vries, sculptor Leon Vranken and Cas-co residents Club Efemeer.

    The top-drawer music program gathered over 40 artists from around the globe. The line-up combined the avant-garde, local talent and the ones experimenting with new trends in dance and electronic music. Among them are Motor City Drum Ensemble, Hunee, DJ Fett Burger, I-F Josey Rebelle, Mr Scruff, Palms Trax, Octo Octa, DJ Python, Ron Morelli, DJ Stingray and many others.