• 150 jaar Schouwburg


    Stage design - Programming


    Event production


    Club Efemeer

    On the third of September 1867, 150 years ago, the Leuven Schouwburg opened its doors. Throughout those one and a half centuries the place grew to a 'temple' for theater, dance and music. Without a doubt one of the most recognizable and famous places in the city. An exhibition, magazine & video were created to look back on the past. On top of that the cultural icon was celebrated with a grand birthday weekend. A 24 hour event inviting a very mixed crowd of artists, visitors, performers, musicians, dancers & poets.

    Together with Club Efemeer (collaboration between Maarten Vanermen & Arnaud De Wolf) we built the scenography & program for the night part of the 24 hour event. A party on the scene of theater. The dancers became the performers.

    The light sculpture was consciously kept simple, a single 10.000 lumen projector in combination with a hazer and smoke machine. Offering a full focus on the music and the theater interior. The music program was built with local talent Bjeor & Exalt and renowned US-based DJ Kon.