• Slachthuissite


    Concept & development strategy - Reactivation strategy


    Miss Miyagi - Endeavour

    Onkruid, together with Miss Miyagi Endeavour was appointed by AG Vespa, the real estate developer of the city of Antwerp, and project developer Landinvest for a study & reactivation strategy on the temporary possibilities of the Slachthuissite in Antwerp. Over the next 15 years, the abandoned site will be developed into a new district. In anticipation of that final development a large part of the former abattoir awaits temporary solutions to increase dynamics on the ground and to testcase the program of the final development.

    A phased strategy was set out to redevelop the monumental halls of the former slaughterhouse into hubs for urban production, manufacturing workshops, logistic buildings and space for creative industries, neighbourhood facilities, sports, leisure and education.

    The derelict, open space in between would be transformed into temporary parks and space for urban agriculture. In addition to setting out a global strategy, timeline and physical reactivation strategy and organization model is also put forward per site and a call was launched to future users.