• Sluispark


    Concept & development strategy - Reactivation strategy


    Art production - Event production


    De Hoorn

    In anticipation of the definitive construction of the Sluispark and the opening of a new bar in creative hub De Hoorn, a temporary park and cultural hotspot were set up. Various local artists and neighbourhood organisations were invited to shape, build and use the site.

    Sluispark was Onkruid's first project and offered a test and playzone to discover new ambitions and interests. Onkruid hosted a variety of music events with local and international DJs such as Romare, Renaat Vandepapeliere, Bafana & Mr. Leenknecht.

    Onkruid screened the cult movie 'The Sound of Belgium' and the 'Design Thinking' documentary.

    Sluispark was Onkruid's first introduction to urban development, an interest that developed the years after.