• The Slope


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    Rock Werchter is an annual music festival held in the village of Werchter, near Leuven, since 1976 and is Belgium's largest summer festival and one of the world's most known rock festivals. In 2017 Onkruid designed a solution for one of the more quiet terrains of the festival.

    The Slope is placed on the crossroads where two festival stages, The Barn and Klub C, meet each other. The structure, orientated towards the mainstage, lifts its crowd and offers a viewpoint over the entire festival. The platform is 55 meters long, 31 meters wide and is covered with 1500 square meters of artificial grass.

    From afar the scaffold construction seems to disappear in the festival land, when approaching the gigantic construction seems to slowly rise from the ground up. To avoid an enormous wall at the back of the installation, a similar second space has been created at the back. Fifty lines with 2048 ribbons offer an intimate, yet festive roof. Underneath The Slope festival visitors find a warm resting place with shade, hammocks, tables & benches.